Modern Funk Mix for

Modern Funk Mix for

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Discogs Mix 72 by DJ Mamabear, comes in support of Modern Funk Fest 2018, presented by Discogs, taking place on June 16th at the Grand Star Jazz Club in Los Angeles, CA. 

Hibernate Vol. 2

Hibernte II

Inspired by the change in seasons: a mix of neatly groomed dream-pop, Noir&B, shoegaze, and jazz-driven soul. Cuffin' Season crossover sounds.

sisters of sweaterfunk

80's Ladies Volume II

The second edition of their collaborative efforts, showcasing their love for the female sweater funk sound-all vinyl! (Boogie/funk)


Ximeno Records Release party for Devil's Pie

Recorded live and all 45's

alongside Gabby Loks, Danny Holloway, House Shoes, Aaron Paar

Recorded on July 15, 2015 at Lock & Key Bar.