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Hibernate !

Hibernate II

Inspired by the change in seasons: a mix of neatly groomed dream-pop, Noir&B, shoegaze, and jazz-driven soul. Cuffin' Season crossover sounds.

Discogs Mix

Discogs Promo Mix for Modern Funk Fest

Tracklist here: 

Discogs Mix 72 by DJ Mamabear, comes in support of Modern Funk Fest 2018, presented by Discogs, taking place on June 16th at the Grand Star Jazz Club in Los Angeles, CA. 

Honeypot Radio

Recorded Live Jan. 2016

Top shelf modern soul and boogie, recorded live in Silverlake at the Dublab Studio. All vinyl.

mix for Yours Truly Creative

Yours Truly Mix Series

Just Add Water: A Sonic Dedication To a Groan & Sexy Summer

A very heavy dose of boogie, modern soul, 2-step & RnB in this sunshiny sequence from one of YT's BFF's, Los Angeles dance floor legend DJ MAMABEAR.

How did she get her DJ name?